FAQ & Sites

All sites are always a work in progress, starting very basic and evolving over time. To what they become and how fast, is entirely down to you 🙂

Do I need my own domain?

No, but if you have one, or get one later, you can use it.

Bad Butler Shop

Mine. And pretty much what most creators need. Covers all the bases.

Who does the work to build and maintain the site?

We build it, using your initial images and notes, and are happy to make changes from time to time, e.g. change banner images.

But regular stuff, such as adding new scenes for sale, updating your Tour/Party schedule, you do yourself. It’s easy once you have done it. We’ll show you how.

Denali Dink

The well known Midlands creator and party hostess

Can I add scenes, items for sale, change text and images?

Yes. You have Admin access and we will help you whenever you want to do something new.

George Rex

Older creator / performer

Is it true that I can sell ANY content, items or services, even full service work?


So long as you follow the law in your country and Netherlands.

This is perfect for people with kink/fetish that platforms ban, and also FSSW who want to be honest in their vids, “yes, you can be here, doing this”.

Netherlands is very chill re both porn and FSSW so you shouldn’t ever run into an issue there if it’s legal where you are.

Can I keep my actual scenes on the site?

No but yes. The service is optimised to sell using images and trailers AND be affordable to creators.

Your actual content is kept elsewhere, such as your Dropbox and when people pay you, you give them access. Just like you do now to your Dropbox or WeTransfer or Google Drive or even AWS (See notes below for explanation and the Yes).

Can I start off by just pointing fans to my platform content?

Yes. It allows you to control your brand.

This is very useful when you different content on different platforms.

It trains your fans to use your web site as their starting point, not just your OF or MV. Which you could lose for nothing you do, but stupid people making trouble.

Also, lots of people will always want to use cards, so platforms will always have a place.

How do I get paid?

However you like. However you already are. People look at the site, say what they want, send you the money direct, or use Throne/Wishtender or even bitcoin.

You get paid, then you let them have access.

What % does AllMyPlaces charge?


We just charge a flat fee for the service.

What does Full WordPress Install mean?

It means that right from day one anything you can do in WordPress, you can do. You can add plugins, change the theme, edit the theme etc. Most people don’t need to do any of these things, but if you ever did – e.g. you find a local web designer and decide to do something magnificent, you can.

If I want to move away from you, can I?

Yes. It’s yours, take it where you like.

*Tech note. You CAN store all your scenes on site, but it would mean the site costs you £40-£80 as that type of space is expensive. Better to use cheap storage on Dropbox etc. Yes, you CAN automatically link DropBox etc so that when people buy they get access – it’s just some extra plugins – but best to start with the basics first, and do this advanced stuff later)

Example Sites

The following sites are all using this service, and our hosting, even if they have their own URL.