Build Process

This is an FYI about how we build your site to get you started. And how you can build your own, in your hosting, if you want to pay more than we charge:-)

What We (or you) Need

Absolute Bare Minimum :

One photo to be the header (so, landscape format)

We then just use your Twitter to put a basic page together.

TBH we suggest you let us do this, even if you want to do everything else, it gives you a basic site you can understand and work with.

Next Level :

Your socials and your platforms.

A few words in a DM about what you want the site to do, “content sales” or “escorting and parties mainly, content second”.

A few more landscape photos to turn the Header into a slide show. Note, they (and the first one) all have to be the same size and shape in pixels or it can look silly. Include the first one again if you need to use one adjusted to fit the rest. Yes we can do the resize/shape if they are closeish together.

Boss Level :

A Schedule page for tours/parties if you do them. We can set it up with initial dates but you will have to update it. Easy, but once you start, people expect you to continue.

A Post Per Scene so you display all your content and point people to where they can buy it, or how to buy direct. Sample image, trailer etc. And then have it display like on or . I have a long list of scenes because my focus is to show there is a LOT of content.

We will create a few for you, and show you how to do the rest. After that, add content at your own pace.

Set up Database

Unpack WordPress and move into right place and edit config file with DB in