Your Own Full Web Site

First up, unless you KNOW you need one, you don’t.

Full websites, of whatever focus – content, newsletter etc – require a commitment to regular updates. If you don’t want to do that, a My Web Site is the way to go. And cheaper!

Example – BadButler’s Shop – which provides paywalled content for fans with bitcoin*. They simply pay using the form, and get instant access to the content. There is literally no involvement by me. No adding them to a Dropbox, no sending them content, no authorising a sales item, nothing. I just wake up to more money.

Me, as Bad Butler, of course

Benefits of a Full Site

  • Trailers! Trailers! Trailers! (Room for hundreds of them!).
  • Paywalled content. (My Web Site allows you to sell content direct informally, distributing via Dropbox or WeTransfer etc. Full Site lets you do it “properly”)
  • Proper Ecommerce system.
  • Sell ANYTHING legal. So used items etc.
  • Blog. The socials hate us. Blogs are good backup and Google can see them.
  • Booking Forms, Screening Forms, whatever Forms you like.
  • Mailing List / Newsletter.
    • SMTP Server – what you need so your emails are not considered spam. We set this up for you.
  • Future Proof. You have total control over the design. So next year you want to rebrand with a new bespoke design. Just give your designer the access they need.
  • WordPress Admin AND cPanel Admin. In two words, TOTAL CONTROL.

£24pm or £239pa for setup, build and 20GB (and you do get that free Portrait! with the annual plan).

Reach me at Twitter @PaulJonesAIR

*Not many people have it yet, some do, and more will, and when I get paid with bitcoin, I get the money instantly, 100%, and No Chargebacks are allowed. It is outside all the card, banking and platform rules too.