Terms & Payment

Free ones are free. Paid ones:-

ONE MONTH FREE (while setting up)

My Web Site set up should only take a couple of days so long as you have all your images ready. You can then refine it at will, (we show you how, and you can call us any time. I’ve always believed in providing high touch customer service). Sites are never finished, they just change slowly as needed 🙂

Full Web Site set up can take longer, but so long as you know what you want, and have your images and videos ready our side should be done in a week or so, subject to workload.

To allow for this process, FIRST MONTH FREE!!!

First payment is due after one month.

Monthly : just start your Standing Order.

Annual : We’ll need the full payment if it’s a My Web Site, or First Quarter if it’s a Full Site and you live outside UK/EU.


You want to quit, you quit, we’re square. No notice required, just stop paying.

How to Pay

Bank details will be provided when needed.

Bitcoin – can be onchain or Lightning, as you prefer. LN address is badbutler@getalby.com (remember to fill in the comment/message field with who it’s from and for what).

Uk – standing order (monthly or annual), or bank transfer, or bitcoin. (Annual only for bank transfer and bitcoin)

EU – SEPA bank payment (monthly or annual), or bitcoin, (annual only).

Rest of the world – bank transfer or bitcoin. Annual or Quarterly. Note – extra £20 for bank transfers to cover the extra costs our bank charges. NO SUCH CHARGE for bitcoin.